Welcome to CIT Resewn's docs!

CIT Resewn

is a fabric mod written and maintained by SHsuperCM.

The mod provides a modern implementation of MCPatcher's Custom Item Textures, a mod that gave resourcepacks the ability to modify items' appearances based on specified conditions.
Optifine later adopted MCPatcher's features and have maintained the only working version of it.
CIT Resewn is my shot at providing support for cit outside of Optifine.

What the Doc Doin'

These docs should provide pack and mod authors with the information they need in order to work with CITs and CIT Resewn.

Some bold text will have tooltips! (hover here)

Features written in italics are unique to CIT Resewn and won't be in other implementations.

If you find a problem with the docs, feel free to create a Pull Request or open an Issue through Github.