Supported Mods

While CIT Resewn does not require any additional dependencies, there are some mods that it supports.

You got some mod that isn't working with CIT Resewn? Submit an Issue and I'll take a look!

Explicit Support

CIT Resewn is written specifically to allow using these mods.

Cloth Config

Adds a custom config screen for CIT Resewn.
Accessed through Mod Menu or by running /citresewn config.

Mod Menu

CIT Resewn is listed and a button is added to access the Cloth Config screen.

Cosmetic Armor

CITs are applied on armor in the cosmetic slots.



The game crashes with both present.

Support is planned eventually.

Eating Animation

Breaks item CITs. Follow Theoness1/EatingAnimation#2 for updates.

Some mods that should natively work with CIT Resewn.

LambdAurora's Optifine Alternatives List

This list(and CIT Resewn) is an effort to ditch Optifine in favor of more dynamic, open sourced and modder friendly replacements. One of Optifine's biggest problems is its development. After being so popular for such a long time it is still being developed by a single person. By splitting its features across multiple developers, more attention can be given to each thing. I am going to be focusing on CIT, thus giving it the love it deserves. Many brilliant devs are working on stuff like performance, shaders, connected textures, dynamic lights, sky boxes, even zoom. They will have my full support.
LambdAurora has compiled these mods into a nice, organized list. Thank you for that!