Changing the Config

The config is located at %appdata%/.minecraft/config/citresewn.json.

If you have Cloth Config installed, run /citresewn config and if you have Mod Menu installed, in the main menu/pause screen go to Mods > CIT Resewn > Config.

Config Values

Config Name       Description Default Config Value
or enabled
Whether CIT Resewn should load CITs. true
Mute Errors
or mute_errors
Should cit errors be muted in the logs. false
Mute Warns
or mute_warns
Should cit warnings be muted in the logs. false
or cache_ms
How often should the cache be refreshed.
If set to 0, caching will be disabled.
50ms(every tick)
Broken Paths
or broken_paths
Should CIT Resewn be able to read broken folder/file names from CIT packs. This option is unstable and not recommended, any bugs it causes will be ignored.

Broken Paths are any files in a resourcepack that do not follow standard minecraft pack formatting. The pack format permits names for files and folders that may only contain the following: lower case english alphabet(a-z), any number(0-9), underscores(_), dots(.) and dashes(-).