Global Properties

Note that features marked in italics are unique to CIT Resewn.

Commonly known as, Global Properties is not a cit but rather a config that is set for the entire resourcepack.


The pack's global properties can be either (ordered by priority. if one exists, the rest are ignored):



All properties (and itself) are optional.

Key Value Type Description Default
useGlint Boolean If false, removes the default glint texture from every item. true
cap Any positive whole number Controls the maximum allowed layers of CIT Enchantments per item. None
method Literal Determines how visibility is controlled for CIT Enchantments. Values:

average: If the glint has an enchantment condition, its visibility will be determined by
<enchantment level> / <total(levels)>

layered: Same as average but the highest level is used instead of the total
<enchantment level> / <max(levels)>

cycle: Cycles through every glint layer in turn. The glint's duration property will pause on it for the specified duration.
fade Any non-negative number Amount of time in seconds to fade between CIT Enchantments when method is set to cycle. 0.5